When playing Jedi you must take the Major Hindrance: HEROIC (SWEX p. 17), and choose one of these Major Hindrances:
You must also take the Minor Hindrance: POVERTY (SWEX p. 18)

If you see other hindrances you would like to take in order to round out your character’s personality, feel free. However, doing so will not give you extra points to spend on Edges, Skills, or Traits. They will give you new ideas for how to make your character more interesting. Heroes are not perfect. They have flaws.

All Jedi start play with the new LIGHTSABER edge. This will enable you to use a lightsaber effectively, something a non-Jedi cannot do. The Lightsaber will use the stats of the Laser Sword on SWEX page 49 (Damage = Str+d6+8), but have a weight of 3 and a cost of 0 (Jedi do not pay for their Lightsabers).

New available Skill for the Jedi:
You must put at least one point into this skill. While all player characters can be “lucky” (represented in game by the spending of bennies or just having a great die roll), Jedi may harness the power of the Force to control their Lightsabers and perform seemingly super-human feats.

Other new available Edges for the Jedi:
While your Jedi does not have to take these Edges (you may take something else from the book), these are how he will access Force Powers in the game. A USE THE FORCE roll will determine your success. Not every power will be available to the starting Jedi, even with the appropriate Edge. As the Jedi advances to Knight and Master, the true Jedi becomes more powerful and more humble. The Edges are presented here in the order in which a Jedi would learn them. You may choose a different order to reflect your Jedi’s personal style, but he will not be able to access powers without the appropriate edge.

“Control! Control! You must learn control!” – Grand Master Yoda
“Control is internal. It is the Jedi’s ability to recognize the Force in himself and to use it to his benefit.” – Master Bodo Baas
The most basic Force techniques, requiring mastery over self. Control was the first of the overall abilities to be learned by a Jedi. Available powers include Detoxify Poison, Breath Control, Force Speed, Force Cloak, and Force Stealth.

“Sense involves the next step, in which the Jedi recognizes the force in the universe outside herself.” – Jedi Master Bodo Baas
Available powers include: Force Listening, Force Sense, Precognition, Shatterpoint, Farseeing, Force Sight, Telepathy, and Comprehend Speech

“Alter is the third and most difficult area to master, for it involves the student’s ability to modify the Force and redistribute its energies.” – Jedi Master Bodo Baas
Alter allows the use of such powers as Mind Trick, Telekinesis, Force Slam, Sever Force, Force Light, and Alter Damage. Beware the temptation of the Dark Side when using Alter. Force Lightning is just one of the cruel powers used by those forever dominated by the Dark Side.

Some powers will require a combination of these Edges. Here are some examples. While your Lightsaber Edge and Parry score will enable you to block a vibro-axe, you must also have Sense in order to or deflect a baster bolt using your Parry score. If you want to be able to Redirect a blaster bolt, you must have Lightsaber, Sense, and Alter. If you want to throw your Lightsaber, you must have Lightsaber and Alter. If you want to Force Jump, you must have Control and Alter.

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