These are some suggestions for building a Jedi using Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition. Spirit is very important to the Jedi.

SKILLS (starting on SWEX page 8)
Climbing (Strength); Fighting (Agility); Healing (Smarts); Investigation (Smarts); Knowledge: Tactics (Smarts); Notice (Smarts); Persuasion (Spirit); Piloting (Agility); Repair (Smarts); Stealth (Agility); Survival (Smarts), Tracking (Smarts).
NEW (required): Use the Force (Spirit).

HINDRANCES (starting on SWEX page 14)
Cautious, Clueless, Curious, Habit, Loyal.
Heroic and Poverty are required. Also choose one: Code of Honor or Overconfident.

EDGES (starting on SWEX page 20)
Alertness, Ambidextrous, Brawny, Fast Healer, Quick, Block, First Strike, Fleet-Footed, Florentine, Hard to Kill, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Sweep, Trademark Weapon.
NEW (required): Lightsaber
Also new (Jedi only): Sense, Control, Alter

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